If you’ve setup your Stripe integration, your customers have the option to pay their invoices electronically.

Most subscriptions have a recurring billing schedule, and it’s possible for automated invoice payments to fail mid-subscription.

In these scenarios, Salesbricks provides several features to help your team triage a failed payment event and implement automated responses.


Viewing the details of a failed payment within Salesbricks.

Firstly, failed credit card or ACH Debit payments trigger automatic email alerting to your customer’s accounts payable and your accounts receivable team. These alerts prompt your customer to update their payment information and pay the invoice using a Salesbricks-powered paywall.


An example email template for a failed schedule ACH payment notification sent by Salesbricks.

Secondly, the invoice.payment.failed webhook is fired. Depending on the payment terms you’ve selected for your product, you can choose to take further action - for example, suspending service, or providing an extra in-product prompt about the state of the customer’s subscription.

Finally, at the point of invoice reconciliation, the invoice.payment.succeeded webhook is fired, allowing you to take action - for example, restore service if you’ve elected to pause the customer’s access to your product.

If a payment has been facilitated outside of Salesbricks, you can mark the individual invoice as paid in the Salesbricks admin UI, or automatically do so via a Finance System integration, such as the Salesbricks Quickbooks Integration.