Salesbricks’ Magic Links can be used to quickly and easily power the call-to-action buttons within your pricing page.

This allows your self-serve / product-led growth (PLG) buyers to check out with Salesbricks.




In Salesbricks, create and publish your pricing and packaging (Bricks, Products, & Plans).

You can find details about that process here.


Navigate to Settings -> Integrations and click the Magic Links card.

If you haven’t already built a tailored pricing page on your website, we recommend doing that first, then revisiting this page to have Salesbricks power the buttons of your pricing cards.


Locate the Salesbricks Plan you want to embed onto your pricing page.


Copy the Magic Link for that Plan and embed it onto your pricing page.

When a customer clicks this link on your pricing page, they will be directed to a checkout flow for that Plan in Salesbricks.

Tracking a Buyer’s Activity

In the event that you already know the identity of a user checking out with Salesbricks (e.g. if they’re on a free trial of your app and already have a login), you can leverage the checkout redirect URL (along with the metadata parameters below) to track when that user has checked out.


Set the checkout redirect URL to a site that you own and can read the URL when the customer checks out.

Go to Products -> click on your Product -> click the Details tab.

Here, you can add or edit your checkout redirect URL.


Add your identifier to the end of any Magic Link in this format:

<magicLink> + &meta_attributionId=<yourUserIdentifier>.

The URL should look something like this:


Upon checkout, Salesbricks will redirect the user to your specified URL, attaching your identifier to the end of the URL in this format: attributionId=ID123456.


The URL parameter will also be included in any webhooks triggered, under the field name metadata.