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Overview & Value Proposition

Salesbricks is the Shopify for B2B SaaS companies. Whether you are the founder of a new company or part of a larger organization, Salesbricks facilitates:

  • Building the sales infrastructure to power SaaS transactions for your organization.
  • Automating administrative processes around pricing, quoting, billing, and invoicing.
  • Setting guardrails for your sales teams, ensuring best practices are followed.
  • Ensuring consistency across all your deals, including contract management.
  • Making the purchase experience magical for your team and customers alike.
  • Managing entitlements for the features your customers have purchased.

Most importantly, Salesbricks establishes the foundation for your SaaS transactions, allowing push-button access to mission-critical data in the event of an IPO, acquisition, or other exit event — data that otherwise is locked away in PDFs and spreadsheets.

Enjoy the only platform that lets buyers close, sign, and pay in one seamless motion.