Linking Salesbricks to your Quickbooks Online account allows you to automatically sync invoices, customers, and payments from Salesbricks into Quickbooks.

Salesbricks is the source of truth for customers, invoices, and payments. The Quickbooks integration will only write data into Quickbooks. Currently, it is not designed to read data and updates from Quickbooks.

If a customer pays their Salesbricks invoice through Stripe, or if they checkout directly through Stripe, Salesbricks will automatically push those invoice and payment details into Quickbooks.

If an invoice is paid outside of Stripe (i.e. the customer pays their invoice through check or wire to your bank) the invoice needs to be manually marked as paid within Salesbricks (not Quickbooks). After the transaction is recorded in Salesbricks, the integration will push the payment details automatically into Quickbooks.

Field Sync

Below are the fields that are currently being synced for each object within Quickbooks:

Invoice Fields

  • Bill Email: The accounts payable email address the customer inputs when signing the order form within Salesbricks.
  • Due Date: The date that the invoice is due, based on the order billing terms.
  • Product Line Items: This includes Bricks sold, units, and amounts. Taxes and discounts are also included.

Customer Fields

Salesbricks will generate a customer within Quickbooks when a new subscription is created.

If you’re interested in syncing current orders with existing Quickbooks customers, reach out to Salesbricks Support.


Payment Fields

As a payment is recorded in Salesbricks, the payment details will be passed in real-time to Quickbooks.


Connecting Salesbricks to Quickbooks Online


In Salesbricks, navigate to Settings -> Integrations and click the Finance card.


Find QuickBooks and click Get Started.


At this point, you’ll be redirected to the QuickBooks login screen.

Salesbricks leverages an OAuth connection to QuickBooks, ensuring your username and password are secured and never stored by Salesbricks.


Click Sign In and that’s it. Your integration is complete!