Ready to connect your Stripe account to Salesbricks? Follow our Setup guide to get integrated within minutes.

Stripe is for moving money

With its reliability and status as an industry standard, Stripe serves as the backbone for payment processing in Salesbricks. Stripe is integrated seamlessly into the purchasing experience on Salesbricks for payment processing, aka “money movement.”

When you connect your Stripe account to Salesbricks, Stripe creates a Connect account that acts as a shared intermediary between your company and Salesbricks. Each time a buyer initiates a payment in Salesbricks, we link the transaction to the associated Customer object in your Stripe Connect account. This setup ensures that both parties have controlled access, without granting Salesbricks full read/write permissions to your primary Stripe account.

Other than payment processing, Salesbricks does not leverage other Stripe objects like subscriptions, invoices, or quotes; these are all functionalities we support within Salesbricks.

Salesbricks is for closing deals

Although Stripe drives the underlying payment infrastructure, Salesbricks offers many features that are designed to empower your B2B SaaS sales team, providing functionalities beyond what traditional Stripe features offer.

Pricing and Packaging

Pricing and Packaging in Salesbricks offers extensive support for pricing models both common and complex. Subscriptions, one-time services, usage-based billing, and percent-based pricing are some of the many features available to help customize pricing for your software or service.

Deal shaping

Deal shaping in Salesbricks allows for bespoke control of contract periods, payment terms, ramping deal structures, order-specific pricing, discounts, and more.

Sales-led motions

Sales-led motions are streamlined in Salesbricks, with features such as URL-based order sharing, buyer checkout, electronic payments, auto-generated order forms, and e-signatures developed in-house.

Order management

Order management involves complicated mid-flight upsells, downsells, renewals, and deal restructuring. Salesbricks simplifies the calculations and workflows so sellers can build orders mid-flight with a few clicks of a button.

Sales and Finance analytics

Robust, interactive reports and charts provide critical insights to how your sales and finance operations are performing. With our Sales and Finance analytics, you get clarity and visibility on how your business is performing just by closing deals on Salesbricks.

Gone are the days of buying tools for your sales team from a dozen different companies – Salesbricks facilitates a seamless journey from building an order to successfully closing deals, empowering your business to drive revenue growth efficiently.


This section contains scenarios you may encounter when configuring payment options or authorizing Stripe payments.

ACH transactions

Error message: You've exceeded your weekly ACH volume limit. To request an increased limit, please contact us via

Cause: New accounts are limited to $6,000 USD a day and $10,000 USD a week for the first 4 months after activating your Stripe account.

Solution: Contact Stripe support and request to raise the weekly volume limit for your ACH transactions.